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Yuyao Hilite Electric Co., Ltd.

Designer and manufacturer of highly functional and stylish lighting fixtures

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    CE23, Far East Industrial Park, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Yuyao Hilite Electric Co., Ltd. (Hilite Lighting) is a premier designer and manufacturer of highly functional and stylish lighting fixtures for outdoor and interior architectural lighting applications. Hilite makes it easy for architects and designers to locate the ideal ODM partners for any project anywhere in the world. Its complete line of state-of-the-art lighting fixtures is both attractive and robust that will enhance and decor. They're designed to create visually appealing lighting scenes and aesthetically complement with the environment.

Hilite's value-driven product offerings that flow from the exterior to the interior of a building project include wall lights, bollards, ceiling lights, downlights, outdoor spotlights, inground lights and outdoor floodlights. Hilite's outdoor lighting fixtures are great architectural elements to add an extra layer of security, while adding character to your outdoor living space. Hilite's LED bollards are available in a variety of styles with sleek, modern design. They add a touch of refinement and originality to any design. They are flawlessly fitted to embellish and enhance the comfort of parks, gardens, walkways and building entryways. Hilite's LED ceiling lights have been designed to accentuate the coordination and specification of ambient lighting. The outdoor floodlights and spotlights are versatile fixtures that can be used to highlight your landscape at night to extend the overall living space. The LED inground lights developed byHilite opens new horizons for residential and commercial landscape projects to uplight landscape elements and architectural features.

Hilite's reputation has been built on superb style, mechanical perfection, and trend-setting LED lighting designs that offer a positive impact on people's lives by bringing the beauty to the night. Every fixture is designed with the inspiration for a visually stunning lighting experience and engineered to the industry's highest standards. From initial design concepts through the final assembly process, Hilite's integrated design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities ensure a steady flow of innovative products that breathe life into architectural spaces while maintaining the highest consistency of quality control and customer service.
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